These users became success coaches

All the success coaches were regular customers who were offered to be a paid coach after they have lost 70 to 215 lbs using the no surgery regimen.

*These inspiring weight reductions are not typical…

Roxie (OH, Diabetic) lost 83 lbs

I improved A1C from 12 to normal 6 after 83 lbs reduction. I have maintained healthy weight for already 2 years. I LOVE this regimen.

Brian M. (MA) lost amazing -215 lbs

I avoided bariatric surgery and decided on this Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE. I lost 215 lbs and maintained 200 lbs weight reduction.

Chris (TX) reduced 105 lbs

105 lbs in 10 months and kept it already for 2 years. Chris loves sports now and will force you to exercise.

Darlene (TN, senior) reduced 81 lbs

Reduced 81 lbs at the age of 75! I improved my health and quality of life. I can now ride a horse. Best Christmas present ever.

Roger M. (FL, Spanish) lost 120 lbs

Hola, dropping -120 lbs changed my life. More business, health and… love (Spanish only) Yo le ayudaré a tener éxito.

Liz (AR, devoted Christian) lost -105 lbs

In 10 months only this regimen has changed my life. I have lost 105 pounds so far and on my way to an healthy weight. God’s gift. My energy and confidence have drastically increased.

Marilon C. (AZ, limited mobility) lost 125 lbs

Cervical spinal injury made it difficult for me to lose weight. I avoided bariatric surgery with this Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE. I’m not handicapped. I’m handicapable!

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